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Community Benefit FundThu, 4th March 2021

Community Benefit Fund

The Solar Farm is contributing £7,000 to Charlton Marshall each year until the panels are decommissioned (potentially £140,000). The money is to be spent for the benefit of the village. However, it has to be spent each year if the next year’s money is to be received.

This is a huge opportunity for the local community to access long-term reliable and flexible funding to directly enhance their local economy, society and environment.

Have you any ideas how this money can be spent to enhance our village?  If so, please complete the application form below and send to the Parish Clerk.

Are you able to spare a few hours a year helping to decide where best to spend the money? Please contact the Parish Clerk.

The funds are received in October each year, requests for funding are publicised in the December newsletter with a closing date of January.  Successful bids are announced at the Annual Parish Meeting.